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Weekly Notices - 21-7-2014    
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School Ground Safety We have now got a chain installed at one entrance and this week a post and chain will be installed at the far entrance. The chains will be across the entrances from about 8.15 to 9.00am and 2.45 to 3.15pm from next week. Thank you for helping us keep our students safe! ....

Tolerance: Tuku-mārie

You are practising Tolerance: Tuku-mārie when you:

  • change your mind instead of trying to change others
  • are free of prejudice
  • make others feel included by reaching out in friendliness.

"†Everyone smiles in the same language." Anonymous

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Community Notices - 21-7-2014    
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The Karori Event Centre - Letís build in 2015! We need YOU. The Karori Community Hall Trust will be applying for a grant in August and needs to show that the community is behind the project.. ....

Weekly Notices - 30-6-2014    
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Charter Survey The deadline for the paper Survey has passed. We are keeping the website link live until Friday 15th August as we have asked outside agencies for their input. Please feel free to have your say through that link. ....

Te Whānau Matai Term 3 EOTC    
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Although this term isn't over yet, we are already looking ahead and planning for Term 3. We aim to conduct an inquiry into New Zealand migration, and delve into the question - by exploring the past, can we explain the present? ....

KWNS 2014 Charter Consultation Online Survey

Please note we have extended the deadline for responses until Monday 30th June  The review of our School Charter and Strategic Plan is underway again! Every three to four years we consult our community to provide guidance for our Charter. THis is the fifth time we have undertaken this process, so it is time to do it again.   We have had ... More ->>

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